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Inviting! Spark in a Box

This box invites you and your partner to share a meaningful date together.
Created to help you connect through communication, memories and intimate activities you would want to happen on a memorable date.

This box will take you through a 4-step process to guide you through your date. Expect to be led and open to conversational topics, games and sensual explorations.

Unlike other relationship boxes in the market, all geared towards the physical aspects between a couple (let's face it, they are all geared towards sex), our CoupleSpark boxes are committed to focusing on the health of the full relationship. The CoupleSpark mission is for all couples to experience a deepening intimacy so they can enjoy a richer connection.

This box has been carefully curated and developed with Dr. Heather Browne, a 21-year veteran couples' therapist and co-founder of CoupleSpark. Healing hearts and minds through working with thousands of couples to transform their relationships since 1997. 

Purchase today and receive your box in November!