CoupleSpark's date box, Spark-in-a-Box.

Order before Valentine's Day!

Spark-in-a-Box is carefully curated and developed with Dr. Heather Browne, a 21-year veteran couples' therapist and co-founder of CoupleSpark. Healing hearts and minds through working with thousands of couples to transform their relationships since 1997.

Spark-in-a-Box invites you and your partner to share a meaningful date together. Created to help you connect through communication, memories and intimate activities that will deepen your relationship beyond one night.

Our one-of-a-kind date box includes: 

  • Dialogue cards - use these cards to ask each other questions you normally wouldn't ask each other 
  • Let Me Please You game pad - a couple's oriented mad libs game sheets 
  • Blindfold & massage oil - ideas for these items are in the box

Unlike other relationship boxes in the market, all geared towards the physical aspects between a couple, our Spark-in-a-Box is committed to focusing on the health of the full relationship. The CoupleSpark mission is for all couples to experience a deepening intimacy so they can enjoy a richer connection.