CoupleSpark - Igniting intimacy, passion and playfulness 

Today's relationships are facing complicated challenges: worrisome news, constant distractions and the various demands of life. CoupleSpark strives to keep joy and fun consistent in relationships while providing individuals an amazing foundation to be the strong companion their partner needs. We do this through apps, products, professional advice, challenges, sharing stories, and even celebrations that are all geared to help people reflect on their own contributions to their relationships.

We will help guide and coach you with relationship advice geared towards real-life challenges that we all face in today’s fast paced world. We are here to assist couples in making the most of their time together, and we aren’t just for couples that are experiencing issues.

Our first product is Spark in a Box and it is available now for pre-sale. Go on, Get Sparked!


Spark in a Box Pre Sale!

Pre-order the first release of Spark in a Box - Inviting! By purchasing Spark in a Box, you are not only supporting CoupleSpark's mission to help couples experience meaningful dates but you get to also experience one yourself with your partner!